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October 23rd, 2007

October 23rd, 2007
01:33 am


party mix for 1023

rubella ballet - slant and slide
crispy ambulance - rain without clouds (live)
fehlfarben - die wilde dreizehn
magnetic fields - untitled (track 11)
roady music from vietnam - chinese song
dead men's orchestra - totencombo
muslimgauze - sudanezz rubber woman
flux of pink indians - tapioca sunrise
god's gift - no god
revolutionary army of the infant jesus - psalm
lebanon junior high chorale - theme from cheers
able tasmans - sour queen
able tasmans - what was that thing
able tasmans - rainbow
unwanted - bleak outlook
chaka - africa symphony
ben sidran - i lead a life
eddie bo - hook & sling
dead fingers talk - nobody loves you when you're old and gay
sylvester - you make me feel mighty real
uncredited gnaoua musicians - toura toura tour kelilah #2
valley tonga - takundambi kumulumi wako
great unwashed - point that thing #3 (dunedin 79)
twink - pussy cat
the mabuses - glass eyed pitter patter
the minders - jenny
the minders - sally
the minders - right as rain
the minders - hand me downs
uncredited gnaoua musicians
vc hooker - vc's blues
vera ward hall - mama's gonna buy
wuf ticket - ya mama
j.e. mainer and group - three nights drunk
goblin mix - travelling grave
vehicle flips - diplomacy, home and abroad
vehicle flips - security
goblin mix - ely's on smack

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