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December 17th, 2007

December 17th, 2007
04:23 am


playlist Dec. 17, 2007

vis idoli- schwule uber europa - omorina nad evropom
dobri deaci - slobodan
factrix - night to forget (live at target)
undertones - i don't wanna see you again
experiments with ice - lambs and bats
fehlfarben - die wilde dreizehn
borghesia - pokusaj
sharda - children's disco musical stories
magnetic fields - smoke and mirrors
meic stevens - the sailor & madonna
simtec simmons & willie dixon - socking soul power
schlitz radio spots - standard guitar
the great unwashed - yesterday was
peter jefferies & jono lonie - at swim 2 birds
steven grandell - flight at the end
leonard simmons - somewhere my love
ronnie ong - buttons and bows (singapore)
craig - ready steady let's go
inertia - the singer is absent
red zebra - the beauty of the beast
bailter space - now i will live
the marilyn decade - cock marsh on bicycles
Kostas Pavlidis & Dora Masklavanou with Nikos Kypourgos (Greece) - rom
mary kay cosmetics - saints go marching in
eddie finley & the cincinatti - clean up man
selective service - at otto's grotto #1
otis fodder - aerobic dreams - she blinded me with science
grosse freiheit - das lied vom mädel
cybotron - cosmic raindance
C K C - 20h25
deo toy - love me or leave me
martin dupont - like a lion
pin group - ambivalence
spoon fazer - beat dance drumming
the cinematics - puffa-train
the great unwashed - point that thing #3 (dunedin 79)
the litter - pegasus
kool keith - i don't believe you
canute - amazing mind
2 live crew - ghetto bass
gucci crew II - and the beat goes
mc player & dj kid wizard - rhyming rampage
party rock crew - the rhymes flow
dj assault - suck it
dj assault - work that m.f.(remix)

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