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March 9th, 2013

March 9th, 2013
02:36 am


catjungle 036


nejet nok - t.v.o.d.
richard bone - alien girl
patrick d. martin - i like 'lectric motors (long)
smersh - der bau
magas - hard to detect
discount chiefs - different light
bee vamp - valium girl
manic leisure - leaving home
the instant automations - invertebrates

richard bone

patrick d. martin


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11:52 pm


catjungle 037 - this one's autobiographical


magic plants - i'm a nothing
a-440 - torture
ninth street bridge - wild illusions
john snipes - long tail blue
no more - in a white room
kansas city kitty & georgia tom - how can you have the blues
the scientists - this is my happy hour
ed lewis, john l. moore, james carter & henry mason - dollar mamie
the bee gees - coke spot #1
misty wizards - it's love
the bee gees - coke spot #2
callan & john - house of delight
neon judgement - army green (WOIII)

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