catjungle (catjungle) wrote,

Wed. Aug. 8 - musics of the world, african, mongolian

mostly recorded by Hugh Tracey in the 50's

african village djembe drumming
at the court of the mwami ruan
buddhist nuns at chuchikjall tibetan pujas
royal court music from uganda 1950 & 1952
nganasan - shamanic and narrative songs of siberian arctic (tundra)
sarangi - himalayan melodies of nepal
secular music from uganda 1950 and 1952
songs & dances from the land of the ngaali
thurston knudson - primitive percussion
va - omar souleyman, highway to hassake
Vocal and Instrumental Music of Mongolia (1978)
zulu songs of Princess Constance Magogo KaDinuzulu

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